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I am a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Hypnotist and you will be embarking on an amazing adventure into past lives with the opportunity to receive advice and healing from your Higher Self. This is where we will partake in past life regressions. Once we receive that information we will integrate it with the help of your subconscious.


Taras (TJ) Machula

I am so excited to take you on this spiritual journey of healing and discovering the unanswered questions that you may have of your life from doing past life regressions. 


A typical individual therapy session would take roughly from 4.5 to almost 6 hours. The beginning part is the introductory stage where we would spend on average two hours discussing your journey, experience, history and challenges. At this time we will review the questions you may have for your Higher Self. I will also explain the hypnosis process and answer any questions that you may have. After the introduction stage we would start the hypnosis. This process takes two hours with one hour dedicated to your past life regression and then another hour reviewing your questions with your Higher Self. We will also engage in a healing session where the Higher Self will be able to help heal yourself and /or your loved ones. After this session, we will discuss the past life experiences with the advice from your High Self in order to integrate and understand the messages that your spirit is bringing forward.

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