Taras (TJ) Machula, M.A.

As a practitioner, I am very excited to help you with your past life regression and then witnessing the healing that you may undergo from your Higher Self. I accept my role as a witness. I have the privilege to listen and learn about your current life, your struggles, your dreams, accomplishments and ambitions. Then we  discover 1 to 3 past life experiences that have a tremendous application or lesson for your current life. These past lives are quite fascinating and I'm there to guide you safely and comfortably so that the lessons are delivered in a loving manner. My role is  to unpeel the layers of your soul that have been limiting your ability to live the life that you have come here to live. I'm your guide and witness through this experience. Your session will be done in a non-judgemental safe space, full of love and compassion. 

The journey for me to become a hypnotherapist, started with my proposal to my girlfriend/partner Christine Marie to begin looking for holy beings at places of worship. That's how we began our "Search for Divinity",  where we visited many different spiritual places and she would explain what she saw as a spiritual medium and I would write these posts down. This continued with me starting to read spiritual and religious books and questioning the religious tenets that I grew up with. Through learning meditation I realized that God was one, however, our paths to him maybe different. Then by learning QHHT hypnosis, I am able to witness a clients soul journey. I am thankful to my clients in permitting me to take part in such a spiritual experience. 


I have completed the QHHT program and have certified in the methodology of the Dolores Cannon past life regression technique. 


1990 Master of Arts in Political Studies, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

1989 Bachelor of Arts (honours), York University, Toronto, Ontario.

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