Taras (TJ) Machula, M.A.

My spiritual journey towards wellness began with the loss of my dad in 2018. At the time I was religious but questioning. The church’s dogmatic response to my dad’s passing didn’t coincide with the experiences that I was having. So, I began my search for healing.


I was looking for an unbiased and objective healer/guide. This led me to search for divinity which I did with a local medium. We attended over 40 different churches in the span of one year and talked to different ministers, mediums, psychics and researched mysticism. This experience taught me the Universal “Law of Oneness.” Then Spirit told me to take a QHHT Course, which for me became life altering.


I started my career in learning hypnosis by becoming a Past Life Regressionist with the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique  (QHHT) created by Dolores Cannon. I am currently a Level One Practitioner in that modality. This started my own spiritual awakening journey. Dolores’ books, and the experiences that I had with my clients, changed my viewpoint on reincarnation, God, angels, and the great beyond. However, I found that learning the script and having these experiences wasn’t enough. I continued in my hypnosis education by getting certified as a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, a Dementia Hypnosis Specialist and then obtaining the necessary education  to register as a therapist with the Manitoba Hypnotherapists Association. My passion in the area of hypnosis is work in the spiritual realms, however, that doesn’t limit my work with everyday concerns, instead I find it even more effective in dealing with daily issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, and addiction. I am able to create a program that provides the greatest healing for the client. Professionally, I’m a member of the Manitoba Hypnotherapists Association www.http://manitobahypnosis.com/


What got me excited was the ability to find out my Life’s purpose from the spiritual side. This was a very pivotal moment in my life that gave me extreme focus and direction. It permitted me to refocus my efforts on the spiritual healing of the heart and develop a new hypnosis modality involving travelling and healing in the spiritual realms. 


Personally, I’ve struggled with depression, and grief, with respect to loss of marriage, job, and family members. I found that having these skills in accessing my subconscious truly helped. Let me guide you to becoming the best that you can be. 


Apart from my hypnosis courses, I completed a Masters of Arts from the University of Manitoba, am a Teacher of  English Fluency Language Teacher and have my black belt in Tae Kwon Do.


I find that I receive clients of all beliefs. They all have different needs, and ailments. You don’t have to believe in God, to receive a spiritual healing or breakthrough, all you need to believe  in  is Love. I like to tell my clients to approach these experiences with an open mind.  I am here to teach you that you can have your own spiritual connection, let me show you how to turn your spiritual wifi on.


I have completed the QHHT program and have certified in the methodology of the Dolores Cannon past life regression technique. 


1990 Master of Arts in Political Studies, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

1989 Bachelor of Arts (honours), York University, Toronto, Ontario.

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